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Tektronix::THS and FFT.PL

Download Device::Tektronix 0.1 .

Included in Device::Tektronix is a sample application that performs an FFT on the trace. This allows you to use the scope as a mediocre low bandwidth spectrum analyzer.

This project started out in Professor Melvilles "Advanced Measurements" graduate course at Columbia University. My Project Report for Advanced Measurements is available.

Tektronix THS700 Series Handheld Oscilloscopes - The Fan Site


TDS710, TDS720
TDS710A, TDS720A, TDS730A



Scope features go here.

Digital Multi-Meter (DMM)

Meter features go here. =]


Document Tektronix
Part Number
Type Models

tektronix-ths710-programming-manual.pdf.zip 070-9245-00 Programming Manual THS710, THS720
tektronix-ths710-reference.pdf.zip 070-9257-00 Reference Manual THS710, THS720
tektronix-ths710-service.pdf.zip 070-9246-03 Service Manual THS710, THS720
tektronix-ths710-user-manual.pdf.zip 070-9247-02 Users Manual THS710, THS720

tektronix-ths7xxA-programming-manual.pdf.zip 070-9751-01 Programming Manual THS710A, THS720A, THS730A, THS720P
tektronix-ths7xxA-release-notes.pdf.zip 061-4241-00 Release Notes THS720A, THS720P, THS730A
tektronix-ths7xxA-reference.pdf.zip 070-9741-01 Reference Manual THS710A, THS720A, THS730A, THS720P
tektronix-ths7xxA-service.pdf.zip 070-9752-01 Service Manual THS710A, THS720A, THS730A, THS720P
tektronix-ths720A-service-2.pdf.zip 070-9750-02 Service Manual Supplement THS720A MOD NV
tektronix-ths7xxA-user-manual.pdf.zip 070-9731-05 User Manual THS710A, THS720A, THS730A, THS720P

All Documents and Images are (C) Copyright Tektronix and may be available on the Tektronix website but are no longer supported. They are mirrored here just in case.


File Description Platform Author

THS7XX HardCopy Screen Capture and post processing utility for Windows! Latest release in 2021! Windows Marco M. Sch├Ąck
Device::Tektronix 0.1 (tgz) Device::Tektronix is my Perl library to interface to a Tektronix scope. Perl Max Baker
tekfft12.zip TEK_FFT is a DOS program that performs a Fast-Fourier Transform (FFT) on scope waveform data files MS-DOS Massimo Porzio
[Wintek32 Site] [Local Copy] [Old Version] The Wintek32 utility is used for screen capturing BMPs (Hard Copy) from the Tektronix THS700 series portable oscilloscopes. Win32 Martin Lafferty
thslog.zip This program is used to extend the capabilities of the DMM in the TekScope. It will log the active measurement of the DMM at a user-defined sample interval during a user-defined number of samples. MS-DOS Antoon Milatz
Tektronix Wavestar v2.6 30-Day demo (link to Tektronix) WaveStar Software for Oscilloscopes (WSTRO) is an easy-to-use software interface between your PC and Tektronix oscilloscopes. WaveStar Software for Oscilloscopes lets you remotely control your oscilloscope to capture, display, analyze, measure and document signal waveforms via GPIB, RS-232 or Ethernet connections.

It also costs an arm and a leg!

Windows Tektronix
wavf2wav_20170514.zip Converters for WAVFMT? dumps which give .wav files. The output is way more detailed. This is public domain code [C Code] Windows, Linux Richard N Stone


(C)2004-2021 Max Baker