Secure Google-Free Baby Cam using an old Android Phone

Written by max on 2013-11-03


Chances are if you are geeky enough to be reading this blog post, you have a couple old Android devices laying around. Even if you don’t, I guarantee you know someone who does. Older smart phones have high-resolution cameras and wifi radios, why not use them as baby monitors? This isn’t a new idea, there are many apps in the Play Store (market) that let you do just this.

What I add here are two things :

Running the Android phone

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Phone + Endomondo + Google Earth = Geeks Workout

Written by max on 2010-05-09


Let’s say you want to track a run, hike or bike using your smart phone and GPS. Now let’s say you want to brag about it on facebook, store stats, and then make little fly-over tours in Google Earth.

Enter EndoMondo a web site for tracking such things using GPS. It has the best GPS logger for Android as far as I can tell, and also has clients for “Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Java, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 6.1 and

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