Floating / Tubing the Russian River – a Map of Beaches

Written by max on 2013-05-29


If you’ve never given it a try, the Russian River is a great place to spend a few hours floating down stream. It’s free, it’s very shallow, and during the summer it’s very slow moving. This is not river rafting.

In the section between Steelhead Beach and Monte Rio the river is slow and steady. From Healdsburg to Steelhead you’re better off in a Kayake or Canoe where you can make up for the insanely slow river.  The river depth is

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Spam / Ham Learning folders for VirtualMin / Maildir-based systems

Written by max on 2009-12-17

I’ve created a simple script that will monitor folders called ‘ham’ and ‘spam’ for new entries. Once found, the ‘ham’ folder will send the message to sa-learn –ham, strip off the headers, and return it to the inbox. The spam folder will simply run sa-learn –spam on the message.

Any additions are welcome!
Download : spam_folders script.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# spam_folder – Turns the ‘ham’ and ‘spam’ folders

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Mythdora 10 / MythTV + Antec Fusion 430 VFD LCD + lircd + LCDd

Written by max on 2009-11-22


This guide is how to setup the Antec Fusion 430 Case to work with Mythdora 10 and MythTV. I found a lot of guides on how to setup the drivers, but they were all out of date.


There are three things you need to get running :

lirc_imon kernel driver
LCDd daemon
mythlcdserver daemon

All of these things came installed w/ Myth and didn’t require any additional patching or compiling.

To see the exact device we’re working with, run lsusb :

Bus 003 Device 002:

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