ch0wned – Building Amarok 1.4.10 in $HOME on Redhat EL4/EL5

Written by max on 2010-04-05

ch0wned. adj. This is the state when you are a linux user and don’t have root access.


All I wanted to do was play Internet radio via a SOCKS proxy. Is that too much to ask for on Redhat EL4? Apparently so. So after many hours of frustration, here is how you get Amarok 1.x (1.4.10 was the last one made) to compile and run from your homedir on Linux 2.ANCIENT.

UPDATE 1/28/2011: Updated for EL5

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ch0wned – Installing TaskCoach and all its depenencies in $HOME for EL4/EL5

Written by max on 2010-04-02

ch0wned. adj. This is the state when you are a linux user and don’t have root access.

Installing TaskCoach and its dependencies in $HOME for EL4/EL5

This guide assumes you’re leaving off from my previous post : where you’ve setup a script called config_gapp.

Update: 2/1/2011 – Added EL5 . Irony : Spending a half-day trying to install an application that’s going to make you more productive.
Update: 3/12/2012 – Latest Version and $HOME install of python 2.6


Python-2.6.7.tar.bz2 / python26






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Updating your BIOS in DOS w/ Window 7 / Vista using a USB Drive

Written by max on 2009-11-22


You need to update your BIOS using a DOS boot disk and you’re running Windows 7, or Vista. Chances are you haven’t seen a DOS floppy, much less the floppy drive to put it in, since 1985.


I found many sites telling you how to make a USB stick bootable for installing Windows 7, but none on how to make it bootable for DOS for upgrading the BIOS or other diag.

Here is one solution I found :


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Getting Accents / UTF8 in Mutt using Xterm with TrueType

Written by max on 2009-06-08


I’m starting to adopt Unicode/UTF-8 into my world to allow for more internationalization in my projects. Someday I might play with Perl6’s UTF-8 stuff too. I also want to be able have different charactersets render correctly while using Mutt. I often get email from people in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and SouthEast Asia, and they are all using different character sets. UTF-8 is the “universal” one.

Shows Hebrew, Chinese and Western European characters all at

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ch0wned Part 2 – GTK+ and GLIB in your own home directory

Written by max on 2009-03-04

ch0wned. adj. This is the state when you are a linux user and don’t have root access.

For today’s installment we go over getting some basic libraries up to shape. If your Linux distro is old enough, you can’t use 3rd party binaries like Adobe Acrobat Reader (acroread), Firefox, and Flash because the GTI+ and GLIB libraries that they are compiled against are just too damned old. So we have to both install local copies, and

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ch0wned – A Linux distro in your home directory

Written by max on 2009-03-04

I’m coining a new term here : ch0wned (or ch0wn3d depending on how l33t you are).   

ch0wned. adj. This is the state when you are a linux user and don’t have root access. 

This is the case for a lot of people working Corporate jobs as engineers, including me.   I realized chr00ted is a more appropriate term, but then I couldn’t work 0wned into it.

So this post is the first in a serious of HOWTOs about maintaining a Linux distro out

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