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Turbocharging the 12V VR6

Here are my notes for adding a turbo to a VW 12V VR6 (AAA) Motor. Please e-mail me if you think I should add anything.


[Here is the full photo album] of my Kinetic Motorsport based Stage-2 turbo kit and install.


Mock Buildup

Part Vendor Model Price Notes
Turbo Garrett GT3076R $950? 84trim, 0.63 A/R?, T3 Flange
Note: 4" Input
Exhaust (Turbo) Manifold Kinetics knvr6manifold $395 T3/T4 Output Flange, 35/38mm TiAL Wastegate Flange
Downpipe Kinetics? $80 2.5" flange
Waste gate TiAL 38mm $230
Intercooler (FMIC) Core $500
Oil Cooler GPR $235
Charge Piping for FMIC $200
Air Intake/Filter $75
Injectors Bosch 30# $250
MAF Housing C2 Stage 1 fueling kit $400 MAF, Software
Oil Plumbing for Turbo $50
Oil Pan $190

Selecting a Turbo

Commonly used ones :
  • T3/T04E 0.60
  • T3/T04E 0.57
  • Modified T04E 60trim in a .60 cover with a stage III wheel in a .63a/r. (Kinetics?)
  • T04e-57 (EIP?)
  • GT30r


Boils down to two general options : increasing the fuel pressure or using larger injectors. If you were to get into monster-turbo builds you would probably need a combination of fuel pressure regulator, inline fuel pump, and injectors.

On the stage I and stage II kits Kinetics/C2 goes for larger injectors on stock FPR and EIP goes for stock injectors and higher fuel pressure.

Plugs: NGK 5671A-7 (NGK 4091) (hotter/street)
NGK 5671A-8 (NGK 4554) *
NGK 5671A-9 (NGK 5239) (colder/track)

NGK BKRE7E's gapped to .024

Read this at SaabWorks.

Engine Management

Chip Tuning

Wide band 02 sensors / controllers (lambda / AFR / WBC)

Stand Alone


Oil Cooler Kit for VR6

Boost Controllers


Basic Reading

Forums / HOWTOs




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