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After a discussion on slantsix.com I decided to store these photos for someone else's knowledge.


The exhaust manifold on a slant six came with three different choke pocket styles:

The problem is that the SuperSix setup (2bbl intake) will only work with the first "Half Moon" type choke pocket, because of the new 2bbl's choke. You can find these mostly on 73+ exhaust mainfolds.

  1. Half Moon

    Only get this type

  2. Half Moon Closed

    These are pretty common, and can be made into half moons if you're skilled with the dremmel or grinder.

  3. Bolt-On Choke Pocket

    These seem to be pretty rare, and might be a possible artifact of California Smog gear. Notice the pocket is pulled off and sitting above the gaping hole in the manifold for the picture. Great source for exhaust leaks, huh?


Some other exhaust options are of course Headers, available from clifford and mopar performance.

But reported to be the BEST are Dutra Duals. These are split exhaust manifolds, to give you TRUE dual exhaust from your inline. See the link below.


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