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Recently I completed a front-end rebuild of the Swinger,
I can now take corners at 45 and it doesn't complain.
I have ZERO body roll.

Rules of Engagement

  • This is going to take a lot of time, money, blood and swearing
  • This was totally worth every minute/penny
  • Anything that comes off the car rusty does not go back on rusty (sand,prime,paint or replace)
  • Only do this once - do it right, replace whatever needs it as long as you're in there.

Parts and Tools (Costs)


"Performance Handling for Vintage Mopars" - Book by Tom Condran, most important. Mopar Alley Priceless. or $30
Lower Control Arms with OEM Sway Bar tabs (pre 73 disc brake LCA)
Sanded, Primed, Painted, Cured.
WildCat Auto Wrecking with sway bar
OEM Sway Bar from 71 Duster
Sanded, Primed, Spray-Epoxied, Cured.
WildCat Auto Wrecking $175 (with LCA)
4 KYB Shocks Performance Suspension
Moog Improved Camber (Fixer) Eccentric Upper Control Arm Bushings carparts.com
Moog Improved LCA Bushings carparts.com
Polygraphite Sway Bar Bushings (OEM type) Performance Suspension
Polygraphite Sway Bar Endlinks Performance Suspension
Moog HD Improved End Link Bushings carparts.com
"340 Bar" Torsion Bars
Sanded, Primed, Spray-Epoxied, Cured.
WildCat Auto Wrecking
New Lower Ball JointsLocal Shop
Polygraphite Leaf Spring bushing Set Performance Suspension
Small Bolt Rallye Wheels with 1972 (scalloped) wheel centers and trim rings WildCat Auto Wrecking$375
Some fatter tiresHavent gotten em yet


Paint, Cleaners, Hardware, Sockets, Fluids, Grease, Beer, etc etc etc Local Hardware Store $80
Torque Wrench Ebay $25
New Jack Stands Auto Store $25
Grease Gun Used Tool Store $10
1" Socket for Strut Rod Hardware Store $15
15/16" Socket for LCA Hardware Store $10


Steam Clean of chassis and motor Local Shop
Replacement of LCA Bushings (Press work) Local Machine Shop
Rental - Front End Tool Kit (Ball Joint Cracker...) Local AutoStore $10
Rental - Upper Ball Joint Socket (4sided) Local Machine Shop $10
Good Front end Alignment Local Shop $50

Procedure and Snags and Snags

  1. Planning and gathering of parts
  2. Reconditioning junkyard parts
  3. Setting aside 4 days of time (i'm new to wrenching)
  4. Affording it
  5. The Upper Ball joints have a special socket that you can sometimes rent from a local machine shop, or you can buy for $50!! from MAC tools or someone else. Call every old mechanic in the phone book.

    I had to leave my old ones on there, even though they were a little worn. Wasn't worth buying a $50 socket.

  6. One of the UCA bushings wouldn't press out, so I had to Saw it out.
  7. PST sent me the wrong size Lower ball joints
  8. ...




Your car can look pretty damn weird with absolutley nothing underneath it.

All of these ideas came from an excellent book called Performance Handling for Classic Mopars by Tom Condran, available from http://www.moparpages.com/suspension_book/. I've talked to Tom many times and he's a great guy.

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