The Best Words With Friends Cheater and Dictionary Lookup Tool

Scrabble and Words with Friends CHEATER

This is a dictionary lookup program to help you cheat in Scrabble and Words with Friends!
Enter your letters all in a blob, like abecaafe. _ for blanks
This page is smart enough to only pick words that have your frequency of letters.
Enter some board info [optional, but useful]
^ = beginning $ = end . = any single letter
You can use these to provide position location for things on the board.

^sou words that start w/ SOU that match your letters
...sou a word that has at least three of your letters, then SOU. It might match words that have letters before or after this chunk
sou$ a word that ends in SOU and uses your letters
^$ Starts w/ SOU, then any two of your letters, followed by an I, any of your letters, an E, two more letters, and ends with DOG.
I'm not too sure there are many words like this :-)

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