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Migrating Bayes Database for Spamassassin from one platform to another


You hate spam as much as I hate spam. So when you migrate from one machine to another, it's nice to bring your ham/spam database with you.

The files live in ~/.spamassassin.

They are Berkley DB files (DB_File) of any number of versions. You can use the db_file utilities to convert them to a dump file and then import them.

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This took me a couple hours. I was getting fun errors like "hash version 5 requires a version upgrade".

    cd ~/.spamassassin
    db_update bayes_seen
    db_update bayes_toks
    db_dump bayes_seen > bayes_seen.dump
    db_dump bayes_toks > bayes_toks.dump
    scp *.dump new_machine:

    cd ~/.spamassassin
    db_load -f ../bayes_seen.dump bayes_seen
    db_load -f ../bayes_tok.dump bayes_tok
    sa-learn --import

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