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Auto-Muting of Commercials of Online Radio Sites Using XMMS

I got sick of listening to the same three commercials over and over and over again on DI.FM so I coded this up so that XMMS would automute when certain "songs" come on. These songs happen to be the commercials.


  1. Patch xmms Song Change plugin to register changes in title.

    When streaming the song in the playlist doesn't change, only the title does.

    This Patch to the Song Change plugin will do that. Recompile XMMS.

  2. Make sure the Streaming titles are turned on in
    Preferences -> Input Plugins -> libmpg123 -> Streaming
  3. Download this automute Perl script

    Edit it and add the songs you want to skip (you'll figure it out). Make sure you chmod +x xmms_automute

    A new file ~/.xmms_song.log will be created for debug purposes

  4. Setup the Song Change plugin in "General Plugins"

    Change the command to /path/to/xmms_automute "%s"
    Check "Enable Plugin"

  5. DONATE TO THE ONLINE RADIO STATION. A bit hypocritcal, perhaps, but commercials are what keep them on the air.

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Sun Apr 27 22:32:33 2008 PST