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MP3 Servers - Streaming Web-based servers for an online music collection.

I'm trying to keep a list of known online streaming servers with some pluses and minuses. This list only includes things that are free.

Name URL Last Release Language Database Server Notes

Media Servers

GNUMP3d gnu.org January, 2005 Perl Text file cache Socket Server
Apache::MP3 / NAMP SF, CPAN October, 2003 Perl mod_perl http authentication
TV Dinner DNSAlias, SF December, 2004 Perl MySQL Mason
SlimServer slimdevices.com Version 5.4? Perl SQLite Socket Commercially developed but open source
Edna SF April, 2003 Python None / Live File System queries Socket Server IP address authentication
Ample SF November, 2003 C None Socket Server
kPlaylist kplaylist.net December, 2004 PHP mySQL Apache BBS, Popularity features, re-encode on fly
Agatha SF June, 2004 PHP Apache UI is spartan
NetJuke SF August, 2003 PHP mySQL, PostgreSQL Apache tag editing, shared playlists, security levels


Tunez SF November, 2004 PHP,Perl None Apache Multiple Users control one stream.
GJukebox SF October, 2002 PHP,Perl, C++ MySQL Apache
mp3dj sf January, 2005 Java, JSP MySQL Tomcat

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