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Mini FAQ: Making a PDF file from Windows


You have two options for making a PDF file in Windows --
  1. Use an expensive Adobe Product with lots of bugs
  2. Use ghostview
You decide.


First you can read http://www.sp.uconn.edu/~fdb94001/using-gs/make-pdf.html which tells you everything... But basically here's what you do :
  1. Download Ghostscript and GSview
  2. Create a postscript printer that prints to a file (see Using Ghostscript to Make PDF Files )
  3. Go to your application (msword?) and print to the new printer, which will prompt you to save to a post script file. Remember where you saved this to.
  4. Rename the .prn file to .ps if necessary. If you can't see the extension of files, go to Tools -> Folder Options and click on the View tab and change things until windows stops hiding things from you. Then Choose "All Like Current Folder" in the same screen .
  5. Double Click this new .ps file (That should open GSview and show you your shiny document).
  6. Choose File -> Convert
  7. Choose pdfwrite from the Device list
  8. Choose 300 or 600 dpi
  9. Click Properties
    • Compatibility Level : 1.2 = Acrobat 3, 1.3 = Acrobat 4, 1.4 = Acrobat 5
    • Compress Pages: true
    • *** EmbedAllFonts: true (important!)
  10. [OK] [OK] and you've got a PDF


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