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Code, Linux Stuff, RC Files, HOWTOs, etc.

NOTE : Most new content is on MY BLOG.
n e t d i s c o Netdisco is a network administration and security tool that I wrote. [Perl, SQL, Mason, SNMP]
SNMP::Info CPAN Module [Source Forge] [Perl, SNMP]
camserv-gatos_patch Patch to camserv to use an ATI TV Card. Patch made on Camserv version 0.42. Highly unstable, but seemingly working. [C]
webbbs_to_phpbb_0.9.tar.gz Converter to convert WebBBS forum data to phpBB. [Perl]
Traffic Report Parse the CHP traffic report. [Running Here] [Perl]
tetrinet_0.11_cygwin.zip Windows Console Version of Tetrinet, made from the Linux Client using Cygwin. [win32]
Device::Tektronix Perl library to interface to Tektronix THS Oscilloscope. [perl]
xs2pod Perl application to convert .xs files into .pod files using the Glib module. [perl]
mutt_to_linkedin.pl Perl application to convert a .mail_alias file used by Mutt to a .csv file that Linkedin / Linked In can import. [perl]
cpg2zenphoto Perl application to migrate meta data (description, title, hits, etc) from Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG) to Zenphoto (ZP) [perl]
mp3_fix_tag Perl application to Fix ID3 tags in MP3s for iTunes 7 and 8 CoverFlow. Embeds Folder.jpg, sets Compilation Flag, and Copy's ID3v1 tags to ID3v2. [perl]

Auto-Muting XMMS A small patch for XMMS and a Perl script allow you to automute XMMS during commercials while listening to online radio stations like DI.FM. [Perl, C]
Gaim 2.0.0-beta4 Perl Plugin API Perl Plugin API documenation for Gaim. Autogenerated from .xs files. Only found here. [Perl]
Gaggia Coffee Schematic Line Drawing of gaggia coffee for spare parts. [Coffee]
perl_xs_modules Perl - Compiling / Using / Porting Local (non-root / devel) XS modules in a multi-platform enviornment. [Perl]
cde-and-vim Using VIM under older versions of CDE -- How to get PageUp, PageDown and Syntax Highlighting to work. [CDE]
MP3 Servers Streaming media and jukeboxes review. [MP3 Server]
VIM and MUTT with Dead Keys
Accented characters
How to use Mutt as your mailer and VIM as your editor and have them play nice with accented charcters. [MUTT/VI]
Spamassassin Migrate Bayes Database How to migrate bayes journal database in spamassassin from one platform to another. [SA]
Installing TinyOS from Source / Scratch How to install TinyOS for sensor networks from source (no RPMs!) [TinyOS]
make_pdf Non-Adobe ways to make a PDF file in Windows *old* [Win32]
winprint Using Print function in a windows Application to print to an image file. *old* [Win32]
gnutella-upload How to get uploads to work when behind an IP Masquerading (MASQ) Firewall using ipchains. *old* [IPChains]
howto-news-external Accessing a secured newsgroup server from an outside machine using port forwarding from an inside machine, via SSH. [SSH]
xfishtank Xfishtank - Add Darwin fish to xfishtank! [Xfishtank]
vimprimer Yet another primer for using VI and/or VIM. [VI]

RC files
vimrc [Download] My vimrc [vim]
muttrc [Download] My muttrc [mutt]
rc/ More RCs - bashrc, bash_profile, my xterm [bash]

Other Code Contributions

  • Patch to IO::Socket::INET. Implemented 5.8.0 to allow TCP broadcasts. This got me on the AUTHORS list for Perl!
  • Patch to Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA to add private key encryption/public key decryption routines.
  • Patch to Apache::ProxyRewrite
  • Patch for Tetrinet Linux Version to help it compile under Cygwin.
  • Patch to GraphViz perl module

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