Phone + Endomondo + Google Earth = Geeks Workout

Written by max on May 9, 2010


Let’s say you want to track a run, hike or bike using your smart phone and GPS. Now let’s say you want to brag about it on facebook, store stats, and then make little fly-over tours in Google Earth.

Enter EndoMondo a web site for tracking such things using GPS. It has the best GPS logger for Android as far as I can tell, and also has clients for “Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Java, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 6.1 and newer”. And if that’s not enough it will just import GPS files from your watch or stand-alone GPS.

  1. Install the Endomondo app on your phone
  2. Log your trek using the Endomondo application for your phone or your GPS.
  3. Go to the website and Choose export from the log:

  4. Export to .gpx format :

  5. Now you need to translate the Garamond .gpx XML file into Google Earth’s .kml format. At some point Endomondo will add this export feature straight in, but until then use the fabulous GPS Visualizer File Converter. Click “upload the file” and then choose output type of “Google Earth KML”.
  6. Now double click the file to open it in Google Earth. Once in there you may want to change your Tour settings in Options.


    Try starting with 10 degrees, 500 meters and Speed of 250.
  7. Now let’s start the tour. Once you have opened the .KML file you then double-click on the trek in “Tracks”, then Click the little tour icon nearby, then you can start and stop the tour in the scroll bar thinger at the bottom. The three red arrows show you the steps:
    You can then send that .KML file to anyone or post it to Facebook.


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  1. Chris

    Hello, useful tips, thanks for sharing them! In terms of online converter, I suggest to have a look at this free software program: It makes gpx files into Google Earth’s kml format. Choose the file needed for conversion and see quick results. Have a look and see how it functions. Cheers!

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